Painting and nature are my greatest passions... Through the method of "Art of Allowing", developed by my teacher and mentor Flora Aube, I am able to unite these two passions through creativity. Hereby, I experience a deep connection to my heart and soul and my feminin wisdom.


During my journeys in nature, manifold impressions flood my perception.... colors, light, odors, noises, sensations on my skin, feelings and vibrations. Like a vessel, my subconscious collects these perceptions which influence my heart and my soul.

Through my intuitive way of painting and my connection to this vessel, I create a projection of my  soul and I learn how my soul is influenced by the impressions of my surrounding. The canvas becomes like a mirror of my unconscious. This way of allowing ALL feelings to rise to the surface of my perception is already part of the healing process.


Painting for me is a way to connect to my feminin wisdom, to my intuition and to my gut feelings. Through this connection to my core, I experience joy, light, peace and deep love. The Divine Feminin has become an inspiration and guide in my daily life as well. I trust that I am a part of the Earth Mother, the elemental force of the Creation, that SHE is my higher self. She rises in me, guides my hand, holds me in love and allows me to accept and to love me the way I am.


By following several courses in the "Art of Allowing"- method, founded by Flora Aube, I not only achieved a formation as facilitator of Flora's method, but also lived the healing experience on this path to my own feminin soul. In a deep crisis of feeling burnt out and a loss of orientation in my life, Flora's courses and the regular practice of painting brought deep insights and helped me finding the path of living connected and in balance with my feminin soul. I have learned to trust my feminin characteristics like intuition, creativity, chaos, emotionality, deep love and ancient wisdom.


In my courses, I want to invite women and men to take the creative path to allow feelings and to connect with the subconscious. We will also face our inner and outer critics and learn, how to overcome negativ feelings in connection with what we create. The essence of the allowing of HER guidance will be a painting of our very own Goddess.

To create such a painting, I teach you the basics of working with acrylics. Step by step, you will learn how to paint a female face/portrait. There will be a lot of space for individual interpretation. I will accompany your process by offering you a safe space for all emotions that will arise from your subconscious.

My background for my work with you is on one hand my life experience of a 41 year old woman, a mother of three wonderful boys aged 7, 10 and 12 and as a wife of a mountain guide. On the other hand, I have a Diploma in Physiotherapy and several years of work experience in this profession. Besides that, I have experience in working in the catering business for several years and have managed my own Bed and Breakfast. I have a Certificate of the "Art of Allowing" Method by Flora Aube, CA, USA. Yoga practice, Coachings, and Act Drawing course of the Art school and my deep bonds to nature and sports have formed me over the last twenty years. I am also involved in children's services for the protestant church, I am the editor of a Club newspaper and I help managing a sports youth camp.


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