Feel... Allow... Paint...                       let your creativity dance

Sandra Borra

"Painting for me is opening a door to the world within: the white canvas is the portal to my soul, the paint the reflection of my feelings, the subject is the mirror of my heart..."



In my painting workshops, I want to invite women and men to explore and get to know their creative side through art. I teach basic steps in painting with acrylics and offer you a safe space to go deep and let your creative soul guide you.

I offer:

  • 1 on 1 workshops on two days, 6 hours each
  • workshops in small groups up to four people
  • workshops with kids


My contact:

Sandra Borra-Schärer

Sametweg 17

3818 Grindelwald

+41 (0)79 448 08 65



"Open your heart and let your own beauty             shine within and around you!"

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